Dense Liquid Fertilizers of pioneer technology with the highest content in nutrient inorganic elements and humic compounds

The 1st certified Plant Biostimulant in Europe (Reg. 2019/1009 EU). Humic & Fulvic Acids in liquid dense form with proven claims (action) based on experimental evaluation.

Liquid Organo-mineral fertilizer. Innovative Serum for accelerating harvest, recovery from stress or adverse conditions and reduction of fruit falling. High-tech fertilizer with Amino Acids and Boron or Zinc. Registered, Marketing Authorized. 

Liquid Organo-mineral fertilizer for plant defense against viruses. Rich in vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and amino acids. Registered, Merketing authorized.

Liquid Organo-mineral fertilizer. Innovative Serum for frost protection and plant defence against low temperatures. Registered, Marketing Authorized. 

Liquid Organo-Mineral fertilizers with Humic acids enriched with inorganic nutrient elements Ν, Ρ, Κ, MgO, CaO, B, Fe, Mn, Zn. Certified, E.C. Registered.

Liquid Biostimulant, Innovative Serum  with high content of Aminoacids and Humic acids.

Liquid Soil Activator against soil salinity – Liquid Biostimulant - High quality Fertilizer. Rapid improvement of saline and sodic soils. Certified, E.C. Registered.

Liquid Dense Organic fertilizer with the highest content in Humic Acids in International market. Certified, E.C. Registered.