Research and Development

Our company’s most important department is Research & Development department.

Our specialized scientists collaborate with Research Institutes and Universities in Europe and USA for developing New Production Technologies for innovative fertilizers.


Granular Complex NPK Fertilizers Coated with Dense Humics

American Technology, Inorganic Complex Granular NPK Fertilizers enriched with MgO and 7 Trace Elements, coated with Dense Humic compounds for 3xfold assimilation  (98% instead of 30%)

Humic Compounds with Double Fermentation Technology

Biostimulators, Organic fertilizers and Soil Reformers with the highest content in Humic copmpounds and humic acids, produced in our pioneer factory, the most innovative in Europe

Granular Nitrogen Fertilizers prolonged action

Granular Nitrogen Fertilizers for top dressing enriched with MgO and 7 Trace elements, with prolonged action, up to 60 days, 3 forms of Nitrogen and Inhibitors of Nitrogen Releasing