Certified by Notified Bodies 

Proven claims based on experimental evaluation by official Research Institutes in EU

The 1st certified Plant Biostimulant in Europe (Reg. 2019/1009 EU). Humic & Fulvic Acids in liquid dense form with proven claims (action) based on experimental evaluation.

Liquid Organo-mineral fertilizer. Innovative Serum for accelerating harvest, recovery from stress or adverse conditions and reduction of fruit falling. High-tech fertilizer with Amino Acids and Boron or Zinc. Registered, Marketing Authorized. 

Liquid Organo-mineral fertilizer for plant defense against viruses. Rich in vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and amino acids. Registered, Merketing authorized.

Liquid Organo-mineral fertilizer. Innovative Serum for frost protection and plant defence against low temperatures. Registered, Marketing Authorized. 

Liquid Biostimulant, Innovative Serum  with high content of Aminoacids and Humic acids.