Liquid Organo-mineral fertilizer for plant defense against viruses. Rich in vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and amino acids. Registered, Merketing authorized.

General Details


Liquid Organo-mineral fertilizer. A pioneer liquid biostimulant that enhances plant defense against viruses. Rich in vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and amino acids. Verified and tested by Universities and Plant pathological Institutes in Europe and United States, Registered, Merketing authorized. World wide the only one with certified composition and guaranteed results.

By applying the product, it is achieved:

  • Empowerment of the plant against viral infections, other diseases and adverse conditions.
  • Rapid recovery of the normal function of the plant and rapid renewal.
  • Nourishing the crop.
  • Enhancement of vegetation, flowering, fruit setting and rapid growth of the root system.
  • Increase of production.
  • Excellent improvement of agricultural product’s quality, by increasing the size of their fruits and sugars.


  1. Stimulates the physiological functions of the plant.
  2. Activates its metabolic mechanisms.
  3. Strengthens the plant organism and helps to overcome dangerous “stress” of various reasons and to defend itself more effectively against possible viruses, diseases and enemies.
  4. Covers the foliar and vegetative surface of the plant with an extremely nutritious and biologically valuable nutrient film and enters.



  • Wide range of enzymatic factors and enzymes
  • Selected L-Aminoacids
  • Vitamins (Β1, C, A, E, D3, K3)
  • Growth Regulators
  • Stabilizing factors

It is applied to all crops and to all stages of their development.

The first spraying needs to be done when the first leaves appear for perennial cropsor immediately after transplanting for annuals. 

Sprayings are repeated every 7-10 days. We take care to cover the new parts of the plant, leaves and shoots.


It is applied by foliar sprayings by adding 1-6 L / 1000 L of water.

Repeat the sprayings every 7-10 days to cover any new parts of plants. Avoid spraying during the noon hours. Do not mix it with other products when applied for recovery from viral diseases. When applied for its high nutrient value as a growth developer, it can be used by mixing it with other fertilizers or pesticides.

It can be combined, mixed or applied with all kind of Insecticides, Pesticides, Fungicides and Weed killer products.

However it would be better to test compatibility, by mixing a small amount of the product with the substance you would like to combine it with.