Granular Potassium-Nitrogen fertilizers with Magnesium and Sulfur, Slow Release, in various types for high potassium demands. E.C. FERTILIZERS

General Details


Inorganic Complex Granular Slow Release Potassium-Nitrogen fertilizers, with Magnesium and Sulfur in 2 types. Ideal for potassium deficient soils and crops that require high amounts of potassium.

MAGNE KALI  0-0-30+10MgO+10S                                                                                     

HUMO MAGNE KALI  0-0-30+5MgO+25S+10%H.O.C.


They contain Potassium, Nitrogen and Sulfur in ideal quantities and absorbable forms by the plants. Potassium is  absorbed by plants, together with Nitrogen and Magnesium, quickly and efficiently, meeting every plant’s nutritional needs, even the most demanding. 

  • They supply soil with high amounts of potassium and nitrogen
  • They are not rinsed or bound
  • They do not create toxicities


Magne Kali  0-0-30+10MgO+10S
Humo Magne Kali  0-0-30+5MgO+25S+10%Humic Organic Compounds



Application for Magne Kali & Humo Magne Kali, granular fertilizers, slow release, for soil application

In annual crops, apply it before seeding or transplanting on soil.

In perennial crops (trees, vines, etc.) it is applied during winter, at a distance of 0.5-1.0m from the stem or the trunk, or where the shade of tree trunks reaches at midday.

Dosage: 100-500 kg /Hectare (or 10-50 kg /1000 square meters).  The application quantity is determined on the basis of soil’s  deficiency and the application of other inorganic and organic fertilizers.