Granular ΝΡΚ with Magnesium and Trace Elements. SHELION TECHNOLOGY. Assimilation up to 80%. Certified, E.C. Registered.

General Details


Inorganic Complex Granular fertilizers NPK coated with Dense Humic Compounds for the unique triple assimilation. Slow Release fertilizers. Assimilation up to 80% instead of 20-35% of the ordinary granular NPK. Thus, they leave less residues in the environment. Certified | E.C. Registered.


  • Increasing production
  • Improving product quality
  • Less fertilizer use by 20-30%
  • Easy, fast and low cost application of fertilizers
  • Improving soil fertility and pH adjustment
  • Covering all soil’s and crop’s needs by using 1 fertilizer



  • SUN 45 (8-8-8+3MgO+T.E.+28%Humics Organics)
  • SUN 41 (6-8-8+3MgO+T.E.+30%Humics Organics)
  • SUN 40 (10-5-5+3MgO+T.E.+30%Humics Organics)
  • SUN 30 (10-5-0+3MgO+T.E.+30%Humics Organics)
  • SUN 36 (8-10-0+3MgO+T.E.+30%Humics Organics)
  • SUN 10-5-10 +2,5MgO+3,6CaO+T.E.+23%Humics Organics
  • SUN 12-5-10 +2MgO+3CaO+T.E.+20%Humics Organics
  • SUN 15-5-12 +2MgO+3CaO+T.E.+16%Humics Organics
Trace Elements (T.E.): Boron(Β), Cobalt(Co), Copper(Cu), Iron(Fe), Manganese(Mn), Molybdenum(Mo), Zinc(Zn).

Pre-plant fertilization/base dressing, before planting or sowing, or during winter for trees and other perennial crops.

Choose the best type depending on the kind of cultivation, age and season. Apply the fertilizer on soil surface.


General dosage, 300-600kg/Hectare (30-60kg/1000 sq.meters).  The exact amount of application is determined on the basis of soil and crop deficiencies, based on the planned applications of other inorganic, organic fertilizers and the basis of the growing stage of the crop.