Soil Improver-Organic Fertilizer in solid form, the richest product in Humic Acids. Transforms rapidly into fertile, even the most barren soil. Applies to organic farming.

General Details


Soil Improver – Organic fertilizer in solid form, Europe’s richest in Humic Acids, with the lowest C / N ratio (absolute humification). It replaces any organic fertilizer in the market, manure, slurry, algae and any soil improvers, zeolite, plaster, sulfur, dolomite. It does not contain salts, hormones and antibiotics. It converts directly into fertile, even the most barren soil. 

Application to organic farming.

In 2 forms: (a) granular (4-6mm)   or   (b) powder & particles (0-7mm)


  • ADJUSTES and STABILIZES the pH soil to the desired levels.
  • DISSOLVES the SALTS that have accumulated in soil.
  • FILLS with ORGANIC HUMIC COMPOUNDS & TRACE ELEMENTS the weakened fields, and rapidly increases fertility.
  • ACTIVATES THE ACTION OF BENEFICIAL microorganisms that help the assimilation of chemical fertilizers by the plants.
  • INCREASES THE QUALITY properties of the FRUITS (size, color, sugars, consistency).





Organic & Humic Compounds: 68%-78% (Humic Acids 40% min.)

Nutrient inorganic elements: 5%Ν, 3%Ρ2Ο5, 3-5%CaO, 0,7-1,0%MgO, 1,2Fe  & Trace elements (Zn,B,Cu) in ppm.


In 2 forms:

(a) 4-6mm granule (application with fertilizer machines)

(b) 0-7mm powder & particles (application with hands)


Before sowing or transplanting and during winter for multiannual crops, before or along with basic fertilization. It is used to increase the organic substance and improve soil fertility. It replaces all old soil improvers (industrial by-products and wastes) such as animal waste, lime, sulfur, plaster without having the disadvantages and risks to the grower and the negative impact on soil quality, such as neutralization of beneficial microorganisms and trace elements, accumulation of salts, antibiotics, heavy metals and chlorine, creation of toxic fields, etc.


Apply on soil prior to installing the cultivation (greenhouses, annuals or multiannuals), during the preparation of soil, 100-500 kg / acre (0,5-5 Tones / Hectare), with dispersion and incorporation.

For multiannual crops already installed in the field, apply 100-500 kg / acre (0,5-5 Tones / Hectare), preferably during winter, with spreading and incorporation or rich irrigation.