Oragno-Mineral Fertilizers in solid form, high content of Iron, Boron or Zinc, with Nitrogen & Organic Humic Compounds.

General Details


Organo-Mineral Fertilizers of Metals and Metalloids in solid form. They contain high amounts of  Iron, Boron or Zinc element, with Nitrogen & Organic Humic compounds.

  1. HumoBor
  2. HumoFer
  3. HumoZinc


  • They do not act toxic on soil and plant like other similar materials and competitor products such as Iron Sulfate, Borax, Magnesium Sulfate and Zinc Sulfate.
  • They do not form complexes in soil, they are not bound by other elements and do not bind other nutrients like the other similar materials and competitor products.
  • It is a slow release fertilizers, by supplying from the 1st day and for a long period the plants with the metals they contain.
  • They contain organic humic substances that help improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, contributing to its fertility.
  • They facilitate the dissolution of soil salts,which derived from bad quality of soil, bad quality of water, or created by the use of chemical fertilizers for many years.


HUMOFER  4-0-0+10Fe+20% Organic Humic Compounds
HUMOZINC  4-0-0+10Ζn+30% Organic Humic Compounds
HUMOBOR  4-0-0+3B+30% Organic Humic Compounds

Pre-plant fertilization/base dressing, before planting or sowing, or during winter for trees and other perennial crops.

Choose the best type depending on the kind of cultivation ans nutrient needs in Fe, Zn or B. Apply the fertilizer on soil surface.


The recommended doses depending on the choice of the appropriate type, are detailed in their brochure (check documents).