Crystalline water soluble fertilizers enriched with trace elements, in 12 types for all kind of crops and groth stages. Apply by drip irrigation or by foliar spraying. "E.C. Fertilizers"

General Details


Crystalline water-soluble foliar fertilizers with trace elements, in various types. They contain the main nutrients NITROGEN (N), PHOSPHOROUS (P), POTASSIUM (K) and are enriched with trace elements Boron (B), Cobalt (Co), Cu, Iron, Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Zinc (Zn) in chelate form EDTA and some types with Magnesium (MgO) too.

  1. The inorganic nutrients they contain are of high purity, 100% water soluble and free from any toxic element by the recrystallization method.
  2. Produced from raw materials certified for the production of foliar fertilizers and foods.
  3. They do not contain Heavy Metals and Biurea.
  4. They have low electrical conductivity.
  5. They do not increase soil salinity.


F-TOP provides plants with inorganic macronutrients N-P-K and all inorganic micronutrients (according to E.C. Regulations) in a readily absorbable form and in the correct proportions to achieve the desired result, as the case may be,

  • intense vegetative growth
  • rich root system
  • flowering enhancement
  • fruit formation enhancement
  • quality improvement

The type and amount of type to be used, depends on the crop and the stage of growth.


Types / Composition
F-TOP  20-20-20+T.E.

For general balanced fertilization

F-TOP  25-12-18+T.E.

At the start of the crop for fast growth.

F-TOP  30-10-10+T.E.

Launch of crops for rapid growth.

 F-TOP  23-3-23+2MgO+T.E.   &   23-6-23+2MgO+T.E.

In different stages of the crop or crops not Phosphorus required.

F-TOP  22-10-22+T.E.

For general balanced fertilization

F-TOP 38-5-5+0,5Zn+T.E.

At the start of the crop for fast growth and for crops susceptible to zinc deficiency.

F-TOP  15-30-15+T.E.

At transplanting and at flowering-fruit set period.

F-TOP  12-48-8+T.E.

Transplanting and flowering – fruit set period, for great demands of Phosphorus. Especially for cotton at the stage of comps for rich flowering, suppression of vegetation and raising cotton’s fruit.

F-TOP  12-6-40+T.E.

During the fruiting season and crops with high requirements in potassium (K). Improve quality of fruits.

F-TOP  11-7-27+5MgO+T.E.

During the fruiting season.

F-TOP  10-5-35+5MgO+T.E.

During the fruiting season.

F-TOP  0-17-34+6MgO+T.E.

During fruiting and in situations where there is no need of nitrogen (N).

Trace Elements (T.E.): Boron (Β),Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Zinc (Zn).


F-TOP can be safely used for foliar sprayings and into irrigation water through the drip system (drops), as well as in soil surface (hand-spreading).


Foliarly: Spray 2-3kg per 1000 liters of water. They are combined with all pesticides and herbicides, except of the very alkaline e.g. Nordic pulp, Calcium or Copper preparations.

Drip irrigation: Tree plantations, vines, 20-60 kg / hectare (2-6 kg per 1000 sq.meters). Horticultural (outdoor or in greenhouses) 10-40 kg / hectare (1-4 kg per 1000 sq.meters). Field crops 20-60 kg / hectare (2-6 kg per 1000 sq.meters).