Granular Ν-Ρ-Κ with CE mark according to Reg. 2019/1009 (EU). Enriched with Magnesium and Trace Elements, in various types for every kid of crop.

General Details


Inorganic Granular fertilizers Ν-Ρ-Κ with Magnesium and Trace Elements, in various types. The F-GRAN fertilizers contain all the main and secondary nutrient elements Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and nutrient trace elements Fe, Mn, Zn, needed for the complete nutrition of all crops. Some types are additionally enriched with percentages (1-3%) of Iron, Zinc or Boron, in the best form and ratio, for a balanced plant nutrition.


  • Increasing production
  • Improving product quality
  • Easy, fast and low cost application of fertilizers


  1. F-GRAN BLUE CE 12-12-17+2MgO+Τ.Ε.
  2. F-GRAN BLUE CE 12-12-17+S+2MgO+Τ.Ε.
  3. F-GRAN ZINCO CE 12-12-12+2MgO+1Zn+Τ.Ε.
  4. F-GRAN ZINCO CE 12-12-12+S+2MgO+1Zn+Τ.Ε.
  5. F-GRAN FERUM CE 12-12-12+2MgO+1Fe+Τ.Ε.
  6. F-GRAN FERUM CE 12-12-12+S+2MgO+1Fe+Τ.Ε.
  7. F-GRAN BORO CE 12-12-12+2MgO+0,5B+Τ.Ε.
  8. F-GRAN BORO CE 12-12-12+S+2MgO+0,5Β+Τ.Ε.
  9. F-GRAN NOVUM CE 12-12-12+3MgO+Τ.Ε.
  10. F-GRAN NOVUM CE 12-12-12+3MgO+S+Τ.Ε.
  11. F-GRAN DEKA  CE 10-10-10+10MgO+Τ.Ε.
  12. F-GRAN DEKA CE 10-10-10+S+10MgO+Τ.Ε.

T.E.: Fe, Mn, Zn

Upon order, we can prepare the above types with different proportions of NPK, such as:

25-5-5        |        21-7-7        |        20-10-10        |        20-5-15        |        7-10-20


Pre-plant fertilization/base dressing, before planting or sowing, or during winter for trees and other perennial crops.

Choose the best type depending on the kind of cultivation, age and season. Apply the fertilizer on soil surface or in bands (strips), prior to planting/seeding.


General dosage, 100-600kg/Hectare (10-60kg/1000 sq.meters).  The exact amount of application depends on the age of cultivation, on soil’s and plants’ deficiencies, and on the planned applications of other inorganic, organic fertilizers.