Granular ΝΡΚ with Magnesium and Trace Elements, especially for olive trees, SHELION TECHNOLOGY, assimilation up to 70%. Certified, E.C. Registered.

General Details


Inorganic Complex Granular fertilizers ΝΡΚ with Magnesium and Trace Elements, coated with Dense Humic Compounds. Slow Release for winter application at olive trees. Assimilation up to 70% instead of 20-35% of the ordinary granular NPK. Thus, they leave less residues in the environment. Certified | E.C. Registered.

In 4 types, depending the age and the variety.


  • Regulates vegetation and fruition
  • Regulates the flowering and rooting
  • Increases and completes fruit setting
  • Effects fruit’s growth
  • Increases the length of the shoots, the number of nodes per stem, the number of flower nodes per node, and the length of the midrange intervals
  • Decreases olive tree pestilence (surveys in Spain and Greece)
  • Resistance to cold and to drought
  • Resistance to fungal diseases


  • 18-6-12+3MgO+3CaO+B+T.E.+5%HUMICS ORGANICS
  • 20-5-5+3MgO+5CaO+B+T.E.+10%HUMICS ORGANICS
  • 12-10-10+3MgO+5CaO+B+T.E.+5%HUMICS ORGANICS
  • 10-10-10+10MgO+4CaO+B+T.E.+5%HUMICS ORGANICS

For soil application during winter,

Choose the best type depending on the age and the variety of olive tree. Apply on soil. For better results mix it with the soil.


General dosage for grown up trees 1-4 kg/tree and for young trees 0,1-0,5kg/tree. The exact amount of application is determined on the basis of soil and crop deficiencies, based on the planned applications of other inorganic, organic fertilizers and the basis of the growing stage of the crop.