Organic-mineral solid fertilizers for the organic farming, containing Humic Organic compounds and inorganic nutrient elements. Produced according to the Regulations 2021/1165 (EU) & 2018/848 (EU) for Organic Farming.

General Details


BIO GRA Comple are organic-mineral solid fertilizers for the organic farming, containing all the nutrients the plants need. The raw materials used for the production of these fertilizers as well as their entire production method follow the Regulations 2021/1165 (EU) & 2018/848 (EU) and instructions for fertilizers for Organic Farming.

The BIO GRA Comple group of fertilizers for organic farming contain Humic Compounds and 1 to 5 main Nutrient Elements. By this way the farmer of the organic crop has the ability to use the best fertilizer depending on the needs of the plants, or to make different combinations using the various types of these fertilizers.

BIO GRA Comple fertilizers are enriched with precious humic compounds and natural activators, for the highest possible utilization of their nutrient elements and their best assimilation from the plants.



Οι πιο δημοφιλείς τύποι,
BIO ELEA  7-5-12+1,4MgO+2,8%CaO+8S+B+20%Χουμικά Οργανικά
BIO GRA VINE  5-7-11+2MgO+2,8%CaO+30%Χουμικά Οργανικά
BIO GRA OROS  7-4-10+4MgO+6%CaO+30%Χουμικά Οργανικά
BIO GRA CEREAL  4-6-0+3MgO+3%CaO+30%Χουμικά Οργανικά


They are applied to basic fertilization in Organic crops. For perennial crops (trees and vines) they are applied in winter. For annual crops they are applied to the soil 2 weeks before sowing or planting. It is good to integrate them into the ground with light milling.


The general dosage is 200-1000kg/Hectare (or 20 – 100 kg/1000 sq.meters). Particularly:

For fruit trees: (olives, apples, pears, almonds, apricots, hazelnuts, kiwis, citrus), 0.5 – 4 kg per tree, depending on age.

  • For vines: 300-800 kg / hectare.
  • For wheat, cotton and tobacco, 300-600 kg per acre.
  • For vegetables, 300-800 kg / hectare.
  • For corn-beet and sunflower, 300-800 kg / hectare.
    For clover-strawberries 300-600 kg / hectare.
    For potatoes-tomatoes 300-800 kg / hectare.
  • For greenhouses 400-1200 kg / hectare.
  • For asparagus 600-1200 kg / hectare.

The above recommended dosages are indicative and subject to modification depending on the advice of the certifying company’s agriculturist, soil composition, local climate, crop condition and other factors.