Granular Inorganic Controlled Release Nitrogen Fertilizers, enriched with Magnesium and Trace Elements. Action from day 1 and up to 2 months.

General Details


These fertilizers contain high percentages of Nitrogen, in Nitric and Ammoniac form, enriched with Inhibitors of Nitrogen Releasing.  These inhibitors, inhibit the action of nitrating microorganisms (NITROSOMONAS, NITROBACTER) and thus the nitrogenation of NITROGEN is extended successively from 10-15 days (that lasts in the common Nitrogen fertilizers at temperatures 12-16oC) up to 60 days and more. In this way, these fertilizers cover with nitrogen all the critical period of growth and fruiting of plants.


  • Offer NITROGEN and ALL rest nutrient elements (Ρ, Κ, Μg, Ca) and Trace Elements in ideal forms and proportions.
  • Provide the plants with needed NITROGEN in a CONSTANT nitrogen-offer curve, so that they do not face nitrogen deficiency, but also are not exposed to high peaks of nitration resulting in unwanted overgrowth (as in the case of Ammoinium Nitrate fertilizers).
  • They are CONCENTRATED, ABSOLUTELY ABSORBABLE and are required in smaller quantities, because the plants utilize all their nutrient units with the CONTROLLED RELEASE SYSTEM.



  • 30% Nitrogen / 30 nutrient units all assimilable / Replace all  Urea Fertilizers
30-2-2 +2MgO +T.E.
30-2-2 +2MgO +2Zn +T.E.
  • 20% Nitrogen / 20 nutrient units all assimilable / Replace all  Ammonium Nitrate and Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizers
20-2-2 +MgO +3CaO +T.E.
20-2-2 +MgO +Fe + T.E.
20-2-2 +MgO +Zn +T.E.
20-2-0 +MgO +3CaO + T.E.
20-2-0+MgO +Fe +T.E.
T.E.: Trace Elements: Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn).

Spread on soil’s surface, during Nitrogen demanding stages, crop’s growing stages or fruit formation stage for trees.


General dosage: 5-25 kg /1000 square meters ( 50-250kg / Hectare). The exact amount depends on soil’s and crop’s needs and on the rest of fertilizer’s applications.